Thursday, July 8, 2010

Curator as Creator

Recently, I've enjoyed acting as a curator of treasuries on Etsy, and it makes me think of the creative process involved. I've received several compliments on my aesthetic eye because of these treasuries, and I like to think that I am creating on a different level from the usual music, writing, or crafting. Yet, like my jewelry, I'm taking materials that already exist and patching them together with other materials to create a new piece. I'd love to be a silversmith, or a seamstress, or someone who fabricates the pieces completely from raw materials, but at this point I'm not. Yet I do truly enjoy the process of my crafting. And I really enjoy the curation of Etsy treasuries.

In most of my treasuries, I try to develop a theme from one of my own listings. This way, I can showcase my work along that of other sellers. Usually, I'll choose a piece that has an exceptional main photo, so the item pops, and so it is easily categorized with other attractive images of listings. Sometimes, I'll create a treasury without my own work in it. It's the only way Etsy will choose it to be on their front page, and I am sometimes inspired to gather items of which I have no examples.

I'm pretty happy with most of my treasuries, and I love sharing them. I am hopeful that others enjoy them, as well.

Here are some examples that include my own listings:

And here are some examples that do not include my own listings:

Anyone can create treasuries on Etsy, and I recommend it! And while you're there, check out my listings, and all the other fabulous handmade and vintage items that Etsy has on display. :)